Sunday, June 9, 2019

America Today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

America Today - Essay ExampleJust as before the first round of financial depression, America had just elective a charismatic leader to the White House who promised to fix the problems left by his predecessor. However, he failed to do so and the American people were left to invent the price . I find it quite disturbing that America seems to have a pattern of allowing history to repeat itself. As one will retr ferment from our lessons in this class, America was enjoying one of its longest and largest economic growth spurts before the depression came along. This is a typical scenario that was again played out before the twenty-first century era of American depression, only this time, both the stock market and banking system collapsed. With more than 15 million Americans out of work, the government chose to pull the demesne out of the depression era by introducing European style social and economic reforms The New Deal allowed the government to have a more say hand in the social and economic business of the American people. By adopting a policy of moderate currency inflation the federal government managed to pass over the economy and offer relief to some debtors by creating credit facilities that dealt with industry and agriculture. Banks were severely monitored and controlled so that they would not make the mistake of increasing their already quick bad loans. While The New Deal ushered in a new era of social, political, and economic stability for the government, the events happening overseas in Europe and Asia were late beginning to rear its ugly head in relation to the existence of America as a pacifist country. The American economy was at its spinning top when it became directly involved in the European and Asian wars of World War II. Although the United States of America managed to survive the economic effects of the war through the act of selling bonds, rationing, and other cost saving measures at home, the country was slowly emerging as the de-facto leader in terms of international relations. The defeat of Hitler during the European War by the Allied Forces allowed their scientists to come and work for the Americans who were still dealing with the war in the Asia Pacific at the time. Since the nuclear bombs were actually a Nazi brain child, these scientists who worked on the project simply handed over their research, results, and expertise to their new masters, who in this case, turned out to be the Americans. We helped them fine tune the machine of mass destruction without really having a real reason to use it in the Asia Pacific war. 3 There is a historical belief that lacquer was actually close to surrendering and had already lost the war by the time the U.S. forces had decided to drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A decision that the government made, fit in to historical documents, on the fact that by being the first to use a nuclear weapon, the United States will have the upper hand in the nuclear arms race and s hall therefore be

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